Clyde Valley Distillery

Larkhall Distilleries

TGP Landscape Architects in collaboration with FTR Visuals has prepared a Landscape Visual Appraisal to support a planning application for the new Clyde Valley Distillery based in South Lanarkshire.


The initiative aims to address potential landscape and visual impacts while enhancing the environmental value of the site through strategic biodiversity improvements.

The new £2 million development will host the main distillery as well as a visitor centre, cafe and parking.

Key elements of the mitigation plan include visually and physically separating the southern and eastern parts of the site from the existing road. This separation will be achieved through native planting, which not only serves as a visual buffer but also enhances local biodiversity. By incorporating native species, the project aims to support and improve the ecological value of the area, fostering a richer and more diverse habitat.

The Clyde Valley Distillery project, through careful planning and environmental stewardship, seeks to balance development with the preservation and enhancement of the local landscape.