Our Process

Our approach to each project is grounded in a commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability. From initial concept to final implementation, we utilise our expertise and knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Site Evaluation, Feasibility Studies and Pre-Application Advice

Before diving into design, we conduct thorough site evaluations and feasibility studies to assess the potential of each project. Our pre-application advice helps clients navigate regulatory requirements and explore development opportunities with confidence.

Environmental Improvement and Landscape Strategies

We develop holistic landscape strategies to enhance environmental quality, promote biodiversity and support sustainable land management practices.

Development Framework Masterplans and Development Briefs

Our team can create development framework masterplans and development briefs that provide clear guidance for the design of urban developments.

Landscape Design Guidance and Design & Access Statements

We offer expert landscape design guidance and prepare comprehensive design and access statements to articulate the rationale and vision behind our design proposals.

Community Consultations and Exhibitions

Community engagement is central to our process and the success of your project. We conduct inclusive consultations and exhibitions to gather feedback and ensure that our designs reflect the needs and aspirations of local stakeholders.

Tree Surveys and Ecological Surveys

Our team conducts tree surveys and ecological surveys to assess existing conditions, identify valuable natural assets and inform relevant design decisions.

Liaison with Statutory Bodies and Planning Authorities

We facilitate communication and collaboration with statutory bodies and planning authorities to navigate regulatory processes and secure necessary approvals.

Landscape Planning and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment:

We provide landscape planning services and conduct landscape and visual impact assessments to evaluate the potential impacts of development proposals on the surrounding landscape and visual environment.

Landscape Management and Maintenance Plans

Our landscape management and maintenance plans ensure that designed landscapes remain vibrant, healthy and future-proofed.

Project and Contract Management

We offer comprehensive project and contract management services to oversee the successful implementation of design proposals and ensure adherence to project timelines and budgets.


Our dedicated Graphics Team utilises industry-leading software and their creative design skills to produce robust visualisations and graphics that enhance communication and support planning applications, appeals and public exhibitions.


Planning Processes and Appeals

We provide expert support throughout the planning process, offering guidance on complex planning applications, negotiation with planning authorities and preparation of evidence for appeals and enquiries.


We’re proud to be at the forefront of Building Information Modeling (BIM), leveraging this technology to improve design visualisation, enhance collaboration and ensure compliance with industry standards.


CDM Design

Our Director Mark Elliot offers a full CDM Principal Designer service, providing health and safety advice and support to projects where TGP is involved in subcontracting or design-build scenarios.

Our team is dedicated to delivering bespoke landscape architecture solutions tailored to each unique project.

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