Accessible Ayr Project

21st November 2022

TGP Landscape Architects is delighted to be part of the Accessible Ayr Project, a collaborative effort between South Ayrshire Council, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, and Sustrans to upgrade and develop key streets in Ayr’s town centre. Alongside Sweco and Streets UK, our design team is working hard to deliver a more vibrant and accessible public space for residents and visitors alike.

The urban regeneration project focuses on improving accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, making it easier for people to navigate and explore the town centre. As part of the project, we are engaging with local business owners and residents to gain insight and feedback to ensure that the final outcome reflects the community’s needs.

At TGP Landscape Architects, we pride ourselves on our commitment to creating sustainable, functional, and beautiful landscapes that enhance the wellbeing of people and the environment. Our expertise in landscape architecture, urban design, and environmental planning enables us to create designs that respond to the unique context and needs of each project. With the Accessible Ayr Project, we are excited to work alongside our partners and the community to deliver a vibrant and engaging investment for the town centre. We look forward to sharing further updates on this exciting project as it progresses.